Who We Are:

Render Weekly was formed in April of 2018 as an idea to help artists and designers be inspired and showcase their work. The goal of Render Weekly is to provide a free platform where followers can reach out, improve their 3D modeling and rendering skills, connect with other students and professionals, and build their portfolio with unique weekly prompts.

We are committed to curating and creating powerful product design imagery.

Weekly Topics

Tune in for a new render topic every Monday (usually posted around 12:00 pm MST). Topics can range from product-design, CMF, scene and environment, CAD, and more. One thing that they do all have in common is that they are born from our love of products and industrial design.

Unless it’s a collaboration week, all of the design, CAD, and rendering for the announcement post is done in-house. Below are a handful of our announcement posts for the weekly topics.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned since starting Render Weekly, it’s the power that combined creative minds wield. When possible, we look to collaborate with talented and unique designers and 3D artists to help push the culture of creating powerful product imagery.

Week 12 - @WeeklyDesignChallenge Collaboration


Week 16 - James Connors (@idrawonreciepts) Collaboration

James’ Helicopters and Trucks

Week 34 - Sam Whitworth (@sam_whit_design) Collaboration

Nike Vapormax

Week 23 - Nick Baker (@nickpbaker) Collaboration

Nick’s Chair Sketches (#nickschairsketches)