Where to begin:

The Render Weekly team is made up of designers and artist that for the most part are self-taught. On this page we have compiled some foundational tutorials to get you headed in the right direction.


Esben Oxholm x Render Weekly: How to Render Clearly Defined Caustics using KeyShot

How to Render Defined Caustics in Complex Scenes without problems using KeyShot. In this tutorial Esben walks us through the necessary steps to render clean and defined caustics.

“I'll start by establishing three prerequisites needed to generate caustics, before moving into KeyShot and setting up lighting presets, materials and lighting. After that I'll add a couple of more advanced materials to the ground, wall and spotlight and talk a look at the problems that arises. In the last section I'll show how you can use an additional model set, in collaboration with compositing in Photoshop, to overcome the issues.

KeyShot x Render Weekly: Exploded View

“Render Weekly week 49 is brought to you by KeyShot! Watch this video to learn techniques to create exploded views and component layouts using KeyShot.

We cover: - Tips for creating an exploded view - Using Model Sets in KeyShot for different model layouts - Setting up and saving your camera view - Using Geometry View to move parts around - Moving parts and selections - Using the Move Tool (Ctrl-D) to select and position - Using the Pattern tool to duplicate parts”

How to Create Dramatic Lighting in KeyShot (Ultra-Beginner)

“In collaboration with Render Weekly, I created a starter video to give you some inspiration and help you get going for this week's challenge. Use ONE LIGHT ONLY to create dramatic lighting in your next rendering.”

Tips for rendering white products on white backgrounds

“Tips for rendering white products on white backgrounds: Rendering completely white products on completely white backgrounds can be a tricky business. Luckily, with a few tips it quickly becomes way easier. In this tutorial I’ll be using KeyShot 7 Pro to walk you through the process of adjusting materials and lighting (based on the analysis of an Apple Airpod rendering) to get a pretty good white-on-white look in just a few minutes.”

KeyShot Webinar 49: Product Design Visual Workflow

“Special guest presenter and CG Artist, Esben Oxholm, takes you through the workflow for creating amazing product design visuals. You will gain insight into model prep, material selections and lighting setup along with plenty of tips along the way.”

Keyshot Webinar 57: How to Use the KeyShot Material Graph

“Learn to use the Material Graph and take your materials to the next level in KeyShot.”