In this download: Tim Zarki’s design of a mechanical keyboard (assets include: 1 fully-loaded keyboard STEP, 1 Lite keyboard STEP, 1 label PNG, and 1 ai. file).

You have the freedom to stylize it straight out of the box, add some mods, or for extra credit create something completely new. His latest design (left) is an example of what can be achieved with designing around the model provided.

Keyboard Assets Download

46 tecomate pkg-T012 COLOR.305.jpg

Week 46: RW x Tecomate x RSP

Click the link below to download a .zip file containing nine Tecomate Si Trays in .step and .obj file types.

Tecomate .step & .obj download

vapormax final rk.jpg

Week 34: Sam Whitworth (@sam_whit_design) Nike Vapormax

See the links below for both .step and .obj file types. The .obj file is pretty huge, just a heads up.

Vapormax .step download

Vapormax .obj download


Week 28: Tape Dispenser

Here’s a basic roll of tape to help you get started with the weekly topic. See file types below.

tape (.step)

tape (.stl)

tape (.sldprt)

Feature: Magnus Skogsfjord

Weld Beads. Learn how to properly apply weld beads to metal. 

Watch Tutorial

Download Material Maps


Artboard 1-100.jpg

Week 16 - James Connors (@idrawonreceipts) x Render Weekly

Click here to download the Week 16 .zip folder. It contains .STEP format 3D CAD files for week 16. Note that you'll have to unzip/extract the file in order to open the contents in your rendering program.

Click here to download .STL versions of the CAD.